Saturday, January 7, 2012

Raw Without Agenda

Although Joe and I decided to adopt a raw food lifestyle, our children have the freedom to choose what they eat everyday. I will happily cook anything they want, without pushing my own agenda on them. However, since becoming raw, our children have shifted their diets as a side effect of our choices. They have been choosing more and more raw, vegan foods. They taste
some of the meals and snacks that I make and have even begun making their own raw snacks and meals! After only six months, so much has changed in our family in regards to nutrition. My focus was to live a healthier life and in doing so, my whole family has followed.

Ivy, my 7 year old, created this picture today. She asked me to write the title, "Superfoods" on the top. Seeing this adds new meaning to the quote, "Children Learn What They Live". I truly believe that if I pushed my agenda and beliefs on my children, they would have resisted me making such a drastic change. My only job is to focus on myself in my personal choices, while supporting the choices of my children without judgement. My kids see the joy living a raw life brings me and they ask me so many questions. I share with them honestly about why I changed my life, and how I feel now as a result of doing so. They eat more and more living, raw foods everyday and I continue to support them on their own unique life path.

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