Thursday, January 5, 2012

Raw, Sexy B.L.T.'s

I made these for lunch today! The kids really loved them. Since becoming raw, I've been offering more and more raw foods to our kids. They have the freedom to eat whatever they choose, and I will buy, cook and prepare all of their favorites, without my own agenda or personal beliefs getting in the way of our connection. However, since becoming raw, our children have been eating more and more living foods, which is an unexpected, wonderful side effect of choosing to eat raw.

These B.L.T.'s are made from raw tomato wraps, (Ani Phyo's recipe) eggplant bacon (found online), lettuce, tomato and raw mayo!
These are one of those recipes that I am so grateful to have the Excalibur Dehydrator for! I will keep creating, offering and adding more and more raw foods to the list of living foods that my kids love!

Rawk On!


Christina said...

OMG!! I MUST have one of those! The photo is just yummy! The eggplant bacon even looks greasy (in a good way) like the "real" thing!

Dayna Martin said...

Christina, I rubbed a little bit of olive oil on the bacon to give it that greasy feel. In my experience, it is those little touches with raw food that kick it up a notch! Thanks for your comment!

Love, Dayna

Christina said...

Very smart ;)

Patrick and Emily said...

YuM! I bought eggplant 2 days ago so I could try the bacon. Even though I am doing raw plus meat. And this recipe looks so yummy! My excaliber is calling my name!
I went raw for 3 or 4 mths a couple yrs ago. Then got pregnant and just wanted warm comfort foods. Ugh. Wish I hadn't switched. Now pregnant again I have chose raw with meat. I hate cooking but love making raw foods. If that doesn't say something to me I am not sure what will.
Plus eating meats too I feel less like I am making tons of meals. And the children (and husband) feel happy to eat the same or mostly the same as I do. <3
I have lost 5 LBS this week alone and even with being tired still my energy is much bigger! Love raw!

Edwards_Twins said...

Dayna, would you be willing to share the recipe for the Ani Phoyo's raw tomato wraps? They look soooo yummy and I'm not finding anything else like it online. Thanks!