Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Raw Reality

When you are consuming living foods, filled with living waters and juices, you reflect vibrant health in your appearance! When you eat whole, living vitamins, nutrients and enzymes, you have all you need to grow a healthy, beautiful body. I never thought that after having four children I could ever have a lean body again. Today, I am in better shape than I was even before having kids and that is a miracle to me! This is all from eating raw foods. I eat as much as I want, all day long. As long as the food I eat is living, I will only gain happiness!

It seems like I am sloughing off my old body completely and every cell is regenerating. My entire physical being is transforming as a result of eating raw. Not only that, but by having a great attitude about it, I make it so! I truly feel that this is healthiest way for me to live and eat and because of this, it becomes my reality. The law of attraction does play a huge role in my "results" and physical appearance. I feel that it is a combination of raw foods and my beliefs and attitude about them that creates my results. If someone shifted to a raw diet but didn't feel good about it, I don't think they would have the same experience. 

I also take the time to really LOVE what I am eating... meaning I take the time to look and touch my food and focus positive energy and love on it before I eat it. That might sounds strange, but doing so just came natural after a while of being raw. I really connect with my food in a new way. I can't wait to have a HUGE garden this year and go out and tell my veggies how much I love them! The neighbors will think I'm crazy, but what's new?!

I have come to the conclusion that raw foods are like breastmilk. In the same way that breastmilk communicates with the baby on a cellular level and is created specifically for that individual baby's needs, I believe that living foods do the same for us. On a cellular level, the alive food meets our individual needs and has the ability to communicate with out body to become the perfect food for our own unique needs. It is miraculous and so much more than nutrition! It is natures perfect food completely catered to our individual needs. 


Magickal Housewife said...

Love it! Think about it, if humans were meant to eat as much cooked/processed food as we do nowadays, then why isn't it made that way? It doesn't come out of the ground cooked or churned into "cereal" or "Mac and cheese" haha Love this post :)

Dayna Martin said...

Thanks Jamie!! I totally agree!


Christina said...

Love it! There's always lovin' going on in my garden too! I totally agree about LOA playing a huge part in nutrition too, I've always known that's why I've had great results in macrobiotics as well as this Rawkin' way.

Dayna Martin said...

Thanks Christina!! Love, Dayna