Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meeting Markus!

While in Texas running a conference, I had dinner with Markus Rothkranz. I have wanted to meet him for years and it was fabulous to finally connect. We enjoyed a raw Thai Cabbage Wrap, courtesy of the hotel. They provided us with a private dining room and and the chef came out to explain how the dish was prepared. We talked for a while and got to know one another. He let me try one of his cashew creations that I had learned about in one of his videos and then he offered me some dried durian fruit. He laughed at my initial reaction to tasting it, but it was suprisingly delicious! 

The talk that he gave at my event was powerful. It shifted so much within me, Joe and others who attended.
After the conference Markus sent me a note sharing that after meeting me, he decided to add information about Unschooling in his upcoming book. We inspired one another and coming together helped our individual communities and connections. I love the expansion and connections in my life right now. I am grateful for attracting the perfect individuals into my experience at the perfect time to to learn and grow from.

"Listen to that voice inside, it is the voice of truth. Whatever it says, do it. Maybe it's telling you to do something that's never been done before. The greatest achievements were made by those willing to step outside their comfort zone and risk everything. Face your fears. They are your steps to the next level. Conquer your fears and you will be more powerful than your could ever imagine. Wish your enemies well and get on with your own life. 
Do it. Do it now. And never ever give up. Ever." Markus