Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Raw Portebello Pizza's

When I first began my raw food journey, I made a lot of complicated recipes. I like to think of them as transition foods. They all tasted similar to food that I was used to when I ate the standard American diet. I have learned tools and tips that make eating raw easy for the beginner. You don't have to eat 100% raw to reap the benefits, either. Finding your own balance and incorporating a raw meal a day into your life will give you incredible health benefits and introduce you to a whole world of preparing food. For the "foodie," it will be extremely fun!

 The dehydrator is like a "crock pot" for raw food. These Raw Spinach, Tomato and Mushroom Pizzas will "cook" in my dehydrator while my family and I went out of town for a photo shoot. When we came home they had a soft, cooked consistency, but were still raw and healthy! All of the living enzymes were still intact and they were tastier than you can imagine! The house smelled insanely good when we walked through that door as well! It smelled like pizza cooking!

I made this recipe up on the fly with what I had on hand.


4 Portebello mushroom caps
1 cup soaked cashews, drained (I soak mine overnight)
Various veggies for topping. I used spinach, tomatoes, peppers and onions
1 Tbl. balsamic vinegar
2 Tbls. olive oil
juice of one lemon
sea salt

Create a olive oil and balsamic vinegar "dressing" and toss the chopped, raw veggies in the mixture. Coat mushrooms in this as was well.

Blend cashews with the juice of one lemon and a dash of salt. (You may need to add a touch of water to get it to blend well). It should look like and have the consistency of sour cream. Pour this filling into the mushroom caps.

Arrange veggies on top of filling. Add various spices on top of veggies. Oregano is a must for that pizza taste! Add salt and pepper. Place in the dehydrator at 104 degrees for 6 hours. Enjoy coming home to a warm, delicious, healthy meal!!
Rawk On & Enjoy Life!