Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Raw on the Road

I recently returned from a speaking trip to Australia. This is my second time traveling there since becoming a raw foodist. It is getting so much easier to eat raw on the road. Although not 100%, what I ate during the entire trip was high-raw and it felt SO good to eat clean while traveling. I never suffered from jet-lag, despite the 14 hour time difference and season change. (it was winter there.)

Raw Cheesy-Zucchini chips and Raw Cheeze-It's, apple, raw almonds and coconut water.
The perfect, high-vibe snacks for traveling!

When I arrived in Australia, I visited the supermarket where I bought nuts, pineapple, tomatoes, avocados, and water. I snacked on those foods at night and ate salads and fruit pretty much the rest of the time. Oh, the coconut water and raw chocolate before my talks really gave me an edge! My presentations were so high energy and flowed effortlessly. I truly believe that eating living, high energy foods gave my public speaking an upgrade! 

The times when I did not eat raw, I made the conscious choice to eat the food, usually because the experience of something new or culture related was more important for me than eating raw. I tried steamed broccoli with peanut butter, because my friend was eating it and wanted me to try it. It was SO good! I also enjoyed some cooked, warm lentil soup at the food tent one freezing cold day at the conference. It was available and calling to me. I have tried to be in tune with what foods feel right to eat and experience, even if they are not raw. I still end up eating raw foods most of the time on the road, just because it is what  eat now. After 14 months, it has really becoming second nature. 

You can eat raw and travel! It will not only give you an edge, but it is easier and cheaper than dining out on the road. Eating living foods while flying will help eliminate jet-lag and will keep your immune system strong when surrounded by others for hours on a plane. High-energy foods are available everywhere! The airport has fruit cups and salads in abundance! Times are changing and more and more people are beginning to understand and value the many benefits of raw, living foods. The more people know, the more options that will open up for raw foodists out in the world. I am grateful for the awareness growing.

Eating clean is the new "go-green," campaign!

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