Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Raw Company!

I love entertaining! Since becoming raw, I have really enjoyed preparing delicious raw meals, snacks and desserts and blowing my friends minds at how delicious raw foods can be! Here are a few of my favorite raw foods that always deliver the "Wow" factor! 

These stuffed endive leaves are great to serve for an appetizer, or bring to a raw potluck. I actually just use a raw cheesecake filling and add a generous amount of curry seasoning to it! It creates an awesome balance of savory and sweet that goes just perfect with the bitter endive leaves. 

Raw Sushi with Turnip Rice, Veggies and "peanut" sauce 

Raw Vegetable Sushi is always a hit! I've turned people on to raw simply by serving this elegant dish! I love it, although I still have trouble rolling the nori and cutting it without making a mess.

Raw Chili with Raw Corn Bread

This raw corn bread was so delicious! Spread with raw honey, it was to die for! This raw chili is so good that even my husband, who has never liked traditional chili, loved this!! It is even better the day or two after once the flavors meld together! I added taco nut meat to a basic raw chili recipe and it made it just amazing!!


Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

YUM! This all looks awesome! That chili and cornbread especially! We just spoke on the phone (where i ordered the beautiful LIAM KITCHEN!) and went to visit your's great! I am vegan and raising my son will be great to access your page for some more recipe ideas! :)

Dayna Martin said...

Jamie, YES! I loved speaking with you. I am glad you found my raw food blog! I love sharing my recipes and journey to the raw food life! Explore and enJoy!!

~Peace & Love, Dayna