Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Food Outcast

Last night we had family come over to celebrate a late Christmas. We exchanged gifts and they brought Chinese food, the kids favorite. Joe decided to eat what they brought, but I had no desire to. I didn't want to offend them, and I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself either. It was kind of awkward to be honest. Tiff said loudly, "Mom, you can't eat this food!".
I laughed nervously, and replied, "I could eat it if I wanted to, but I'm choosing not to."

I didn't want to look at my in-laws to see their response. I just smiled as I cut up my tomato and told myself to just stay calm and be confident in my choices. I made a lovely Romaine salad, and went to the table where everyone else was eating the delicious smelling Chinese food.
There were all of my old favorites, crab rangoons, egg rolls, fried rice and chicken wings. I wasn't feeling like I wanted to eat any of it, I just felt a little left out of.... something.
I don't quite know what.

I enjoyed my salad, wondering what my in-laws were thinking where I didn't take any of the food they brought. I didn't say a word to defend or explain myself and neither did they. It felt mindly uncomfortable, like there was a tiny elephant in the room, but we managed to make small talk and enjoy one another's company. I ate quickly and just wanted the meal to be over, so I could feel like I was part of the experience and celebration.

I know it was my own feelings that made me feel "left out", but being fairly new to raw food, these feelings in relation to food are all new to me. We already do things in life that are so different than most people. Living a raw food life is taking it to another level of being "different". This was the first time that I have felt the emotions associated with making different choices regarding food. It was interesting to witness my feelings. It is like spiraling back around again...

I love being Raw. I truly do. I was just not expecting to feel what I did last night being the "food outcast" at a family celebration. It wasn't anything they did to make me feel that way. It was all within myself and I want to be able to deal with the emotions that may come up in a similar situation the next time around. Just another level of awareness! Giddy up!!

I thought I would share some of what I've been eating today with you!

This is a Raw Brussels Sprout and Botija Olive Salad
I never knew that raw brussel sprouts could taste so good! This was delicious!

Raw Chocolate, Banana Ice Kream, with Wild Berry Sauce, Hazelnuts and Coconut.

Rawk your life!


Ariana said...

I know the feeling you are talking about. When I went WAP (Weston A. Price/nutrient dense) with my diet, I felt awkward in lots of social food settings for a while. (Boy was I so happy when I got to hang out with fellow WAPers and do a potluck when that opportunity arose!!) I will say this: In time, it becomes a non-issue. Put this same scenario ahead one year, and you'll be laughing it up with the crowd, won't even *notice* the non-raw food, and will probably be serving up your own dishes to go along with whatever is there. In response, those around you will just roll with it and do their thing, too. It's a hard thing to explain - there is no real "how" - it just becomes a normal thing. Like - if you had blazing orange hair streaked with purple and green -- but walked around with the attitude as if you were a "typical" brunette. Everybody notices the "crazy" hair -- but there's nothing to really *say* about it all. It just is what it is. Enjoy the journey (as you already know well how to do!), and bon appetit! - Ariana :)

Rev. Marcelle said...

I went raw for a few months before I conceived my son & again when he was 3 for 4 months and was spoiled with a raw chef in our area so i did not have to do all the prep & could attend raw potlucks for mor
al support. You are inspiring me to return to those ways this spring...I need soups for the winter months unless mega pounding digestive enzymes given my vatta constitution but can do raw in spring-summer

Dayna Martin said...

Ariana, thank you for the support and wise words! It was nice to read your experience and personal story. Thank you for commenting!


Dayna Martin said...

Marcelle, I make soup almost daily and heat it in the Vitamix until warm. I just don't don't heat it above 104 degrees, so the living enzymes still stay active! I also warm things in the dehydrator. I hope you can come to Life Rocks this spring! We will be having a few raw food sessions and also a Raw Iron Chef competition!
Much love to you Goddess! Dayna

Darlene said...

Hi Hon, that was so nice to read as I know exactly you you felt. John and I went out to lunch the other day and we stood staring at the counter of food wondering what the heck was there that we wanted to eat. After a few minute we decided that except for the carrot curl used as a garnish there was nothing there for us! LOL
I do undersatand the "uncomfortable" feeling you had over this family meal.
I have been doing raw now for 5 weeks so am by no means a guru on this subject BUT I do know how I feel and I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I feel alive and clear which is a bad way to descibe it but I have no idea how else to explain .
I never knew food tasted like this . I never realised how good a lemon tasted or how sweet peppers are. This is a whole new episode in my life. It is like landing on another planet and tasting food for the first time.
I have a wonderful friend who has shared my passion for cooking and food for many years. Unfortunately she is very angry at me for my raw choices. She did comment on how I glowed and how healthy I looked and then proceeded to tell me how it was not a healthy way to eat and that my body needed hot foods etc. I know she is angry as it is new and she is afraid we will not share our loves any more. It seems we are told all the time to eat more fruit, veg and nuts etc to be healthy and when we do that some how that appears to trouble some.
I am thrilled to have found raw foods and will never go back ! I know how I feel now as compared to 5 weeks ago. I feel more alive and vibrant than I ever have

Dayna Martin said...

Mom, Thank you so much for posting! I am really happy that you and John decided to go raw! It's nice to know that I will have you around for many more years now that you are eating so happily!
It's nice to hear that you can relate to what I felt the other night.
I am thrilled that you and I can talk everyday about our raw meals and all of the new ingredients that we've brought into our lives. I can't wait to start gardening this spring and sharing our recipes straight from our gardens!
Thank Mom, for always being willing to listen to my sharing of information and being open to grow and evolve as a person. You are such an inspiration to me and everyone who knows you.
I love you and thanks for always being there, supporting me in all of my "crazy" life adventures!!
Love, Dayna

Senay Funk said...

Whow, this is so beautiful, I had to cry when I read the conversation of you and your mum. Your mum is so awesome. I'm a lucky daughter too, by the way :-)


Dayna Martin said...

Senay, thank you for your comment. I DO feel lucky to have the mother I do. I am glad you have in your life too. Very blessed, we are.